Reviewed and updated – Sept 2023

Otago Secondary Schools Sports Association (OSSSA) is an incorporated society and registered charitable entity established in 1998 to administer, foster and coordinate sport in the secondary schools of the Otago Region.

By annual subscription, the members of OSSSA are the secondary schools within the Otago Region.

These Bylaws are the specific protocols and rules developed by OSSSA to provide for and deal with operational day to day matters primarily relating to schools, school sport and related activities amongst its member schools. They are therefore binding on all member, affiliate, and any other schools who participate in competitions, tournaments, events, or any other activity organised or recognised by OSSSA.

While responsibility may be delegated, ultimately, the principal of any member, affiliate or other school shall be accountable for exercising due diligence in the application of them.

OSSSA Competition and Event Bylaws

Appendix 1 - OSSSA Codes of Behaviour

Appendix 2 - Affiliate & Other School Entry Policy

Appendix 3A - Combined Team (OSSSA Member Schools)

Appendix 3B - Combined Team (OSSSA & Affiliate or Home School Student)

Appendix 3C - Affiliate or Other School Entry

Appendix 4A & 4B - Misconduct Complaint Form Template & Complaint Process

Appendix 5A - Privacy Policy

Appendix 5B - Broadcast Charter

Appendix 6 - Home School Student T&C's