Resources - stay active & build skills during COVID-19

Training & Fitness Resources:

NZ Netball - NETFIT NZ - Free online clinics

NetballSmart - Home Based Programmes

NZ Football - Stay Home, Stay Fit - Home Training Programme

NZ Hockey - Training in isolation video's

Les Mills - Workouts OnDemand

Home Advantage - Sky Sport Next

Introduction Video - series of coaching video's & challenges from well known coaches.

For a full list of available eposodes for various sport click here

Interesting Readings / Upskilling - Mental Health / Coaching / Education:

FREE Webinar - Creating a Great Volunteer Culture (Tues 12 May, 7pm) 

Balance is Better

Tips for Coaching in a digital World 

Leading your team through disruption 

Parents – supporting young people’s disappointment at postponement and cancellations

Wayne Goldsmith

Can't Swim? Here's 25 thing's you can do to stay in the zone & get fighting fit

 Drugfree Sport NZ

Clean Sport 101 - This e-learning course has been developed for club level, age-group, aspiring athletes and students who compete in sport and have not received anti-doping education before.  The course is easy to follow and should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Mental Fitness During Uncertainty

Looking after mental health & wellbeing during COVID-19