The purpose of Otago Secondary Schools Sports Association (OSSSA) is to operate as a sporting agency for the secondary schools of the Otago region through administrating, fostering and coordinating sport in the secondary schools of the Otago region. 

OSSSA's goals are to provide access and opportunities for all secondary school students in the Otago region to participate in sport, to provide opportunities for elite performers to fulfil their potential and to facilitate participation in South Island, National and where appropriate International Secondary School sporting events. 

OSSSA's objectives are to; administer and control an inter-secondary school sports structure within the Otago region with regular and stable competition for school-based sports; facilitate the maximum participation of students in inter-school sport at secondary level; provide the very best of conditions and standards for students to enjoy and realise their potential in sports competition; promote public awareness of the benefits of students' involvement in sport at secondary school; properly serve the secondary schools of the Otago region, including their principals, adminstrators, teachers and coaches involved in sport; promote a sound and philosophical base for sport as part of the school educatinoal process.


The position of Otago Regional Sports Director was established in 1993 as an initiative of the Otago Secondary Schools Principals Association (OSSPA). The scope of activities undertaken by the office grew significantly in the early years, which resulted in the formation of the Otago Secondary Schools Sports Association Incorporated (OSSSA) in 1998. This association acts as the Management Committee for the Otago Regional Sports Director. 

The Otago Regional Sports Director is one of seventeen Regional Sports Directors nationally. In most cases the Regional Sports Directors positions were established as part of their local Regional Sports Trust. Over time the OSSSA has either held the full Sportfit contract with SPARC (formerly the Hillary Commission and now Sport New Zealand), or it has shared the contract with Sport Otago. This changed to Sport New Zealand directly funding OSSSA. ​​​​​​​


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